Jeff Scott's life began in the suburb of Newmarket Ontario Canada on a hot

summer night in the 1960's. While the details are uncertain, it is said the

Beatles were still touring at the time.

A student of piano at Toronto’s acclaimed jazz school Humber College, he

entered the tribute music industry, literally overnight.

It began with a phone call on a cold February afternoon. By the end of the

conversation, Jeff was heading to Las Vegas to join the successful Kokomo

Beach Band, a Beach Boys Tribute, where his love for 60’s pop and his sweet

falsetto would fit like a glove. Touring the US and Canada, the highlight of the

trip would be a series of shows on the Vegas Strip, including The Sands,

Aladdin, and Circus Circus.

It was at the Aladdin where folks first noticed Jeff’s resemblance to Buddy Holly

and a segment was worked into the show.  Jeff was thrilled to have an

opportunity to take centre stage. “Most impersonators dream of making it to

Vegas” Jeff says, “I started there!!”  Jeff’s energy in the role led to high profile

opportunities with the Las Vegas production “Legends in Concert” performing in

Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach, Miami, and Chicago. He would eventually see

Mexico,  Australia and travel as far as Hong Kong.

Since then Jeff has juggled his career as a singer/songwriter with his work as a

free lance musician.   He has shared the stage with such personalities as Sha

Na Na’s Bowser, the Crystals (“Da Doo Ron Ron“), Joey Dee (“Peppermint

Twist”) ‘Diamond’ Dave Sommerville (“Little Darlin’” “The Stroll”) and the "Duke

of Earl" himself, Gene Chandler.   He’s toured with recording artists Zoë Bentley

and Trey Mills and added guitar to Nicole Holness’ hit single “EPIC”. More

recently he has shared the stage with award winning fiddle player, Linsey

Beckett and 1983/84 CCMA Female Vocalist of the Year, Marie Bottrell.

However his favourite moment would have to be playing Farfisa organ for the

legendary Sam the Sham as he performed the rock and roll classic “Woolly

Bully”.   ...Although being called onstage to sing with the Beach Boys in 2013 is

a close second...!

His 2006 original release "…Like Super Man on Krypton", is an

"eclectic…collection of shimmering, catchy folk/pop tunes". Behind the breezy

vocals and acoustic melodies lies a story of loss of innocence.  Fan favourite

"Natalie" sets a melancholy tone,  while songs like "Her Only Bad Habit Is Me"

display his quirky sense of humour. "Angels Do Drink Beer" is just plain fun.

2010 saw the release of "Three Seasons Drive" which digs even deeper into

the roots tradition.  "I wondered what the Beatles would have sounded like if

they grew up in the American midwest!"   This led to Karen Reed's fiddle side

by side with Jeff's Rickenbacker 12 string. The result was set pieces like “Indian

Summer” and “Louisiana Rain”

In 2009 Jeff took the time between records to introduce the 1/2 Century Series. 

The first show a celebration of Buddy Holly’s music to mark “The Day The

Music Died” in February 1959.  This led to 2013 shows commemorating the

Beatles first releases “PLEASE PLEASE ME” and “WITH THE BEATLES”

...LIVE!  Performed by a hybrid of Jeff’s original and tribute band, THE BUDDY

RAY VONS, the shows were a huge hit!

The series continued in  2014 with “GLAD ALL OVER - THE BRITISH

INVASION @ 50!”, and in 2015 “HELP!”. 

This all led to the inevitable event of THE LIVERPOOL SESSIONS.  Now a 10

piece ensemble performing the later Beatles classics such as “SGT. PEPPER’S


 A labour of love marking key moments and classic albums as they celebrate

their anniversaries!

Jeff Scott Music Songs of Love and Reckless Abandon
Jeff Scott Music 2017