Jeff Scott Music Songs of Love and Reckless Abandon
Jeff Scott Music 2017
Sgt Pepper Live at Artscape Sandbox 2017
Revolver @ 50 - Hard Rock Cafe 2016
It was… 50 years ago today!?! The Beatles’ final MASTERPIECE “ABBEY ROAD” was released in October1969 to rave reviews. To celebrate this milestone, “The Liverpool Sessions” are performing the entire album LIVE! The production is spearheaded by Newmarket born, Jeff Scott, international performer and avid Beatles Fan. In 2013, Jeff’s four piece band, The Buddy Ray Vons, kicked off the anniversary of the very first Beatles LP, “Please Please Me” with a performance of the entire album in Toronto. Since then they have marked each album’s 50th birthday with a similar concert. “As the album’s became more sophisticated we kept adding musicians. Now the “Liverpool” band is a 10 piece affair.” The show will be rounded out by the Beatles more sophisticated productions. (“The one’s no one wants to touch!” Jeff says) “Hey Jude” “Eleanor Rigby”, “Penny Lane”  and favourites from APPLE. Celebrated by audience and performers alike, The Liverpool Sessions will take you away on a MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR!
Magical Mystery Tour LIVE @ 50! Kensington Market 2018